Aged Redwood with a gothic touch...

We had the privilege of creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for a valued customer. This bespoke creation seamlessly combines the rich beauty of Scandinavian redwood with the precision of a locally sourced MDF gothic panel, along with some fine aging techniques resulting in a piece that exudes rustic charm.
At True North Bespoke, every creation is a labour of love, and this project was no exception. The journey began with carefully selected Scandinavian redwood, chosen for its distinctive grain patterns and durability. The wood was meticulously machined down to the precise dimensions required before assembling with floating tenons, laying the foundation for what would soon become a rustic beauty.

To add a touch of character, we employed a unique aging process. Adding saw marks and utilizing scorching techniques creating a weathered appearance that tells a story of time and craftsmanship. This intentional distressing adds depth and personality, ensuring that each mark on the wood contributes the overall look as specified by the customer.

After the aging process, the piece underwent finishing. Danish oil, known for its ability to enhance the natural beauty of wood, was applied to bring out the warmth and depth of the Scandinavian redwood. The result was a stunning mix of rugged textures and a smooth, lustrous finish.

True craftsmanship is not just about wood—it's about the marriage of materials. In collaboration with a local CNC company, we integrated a beautiful MDF gothic panel into the design. The precision of CNC machining ensured that every intricate detail of the panel was flawlessly executed, creating a perfect union of rustic charm and architectural sophistication.

At True North Bespoke, our passion for woodworking goes beyond creating furniture—it's about crafting stories and memories. This Scandinavian redwood masterpiece, enriched with history and artistry, is a true reflection of our commitment to timeless elegance. Each piece we create is an invitation to experience the beauty of bespoke craftsmanship, where tradition meets innovation, and the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary.

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