A unique drawer project....

In the world of custom woodworking, each project is like a story waiting to be told. Recently, we took on a special job: making a set of drawers that was not only practical but also stylish and one-of-a-kind. This was the first part of a bigger 3 part project we're working on.

We used American white oak veneered plywood and added some solid ash trim detail to make the drawer unit stand out. Instead of using traditional handles, we went for a modern touch by installing push-to-open drawer runners from Ironmongery Direct. This made opening and closing the drawers smooth and easy, without any bulky handles getting in the way.

One cool thing we did was to match the grain pattern across all the drawer fronts. Each front was cut from the same piece of wood, giving the whole piece a seamless look. To make the wood really pop, we added a stain from Littlefairs Wood Finishes and then put on a clear coat from Rubio Monocoat UK to protect it and make it shine.

The finished product was just what the client wanted: practical, simple, and totally unique. We even added easi-glides to the bottom of the drawers to make moving them around on carpeted floors a breeze.

We're really proud of how this project turned out. It's not just about making furniture; it's about bringing ideas to life and making our clients happy. We can't wait to tackle the next part of this project and keep pushing the boundaries of what we can create. Stay tuned for the next instalment, where we'll dive even deeper into the world of custom woodworking.

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