Rustic & Simple...

A while back we had the joy of making a rustic low-level console table. Simple in design, with a medium oak wax finish and delicate 4-inch hairpin legs, this table was born to sit next to a cozy log burner, adding warmth both in style and function.

Our journey started with handpicked wood, chosen for its unique character. Every piece was meticulously machined to be flat and square, ensuring precision in every detail. Using dowel joinery, each plank was carefully assembled to guarantee not just beauty, but enduring strength.

The medium oak wax finish not only protects but enhances the wood's warmth, showcasing its distinctive grain patterns. Paired with small 4-inch hairpin legs, the table blends modern vibes with rustic allure.

This low-level design opens a world of possibilities, whether as an entrance piece, a TV stand, or a stylish surface for décor as it was on this occasion. It's not just furniture; it's an invitation to simplicity and elegance.

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