A bit more rustic....Farmhouse style.

One of our favourite builds to date was this lovely Scandinavian Redwood farmhouse dining table, sat on top of a wooden framed black base that was completed for a local just before Christmas. Solid and long-lasting.
After searching for the perfect dining table to fit home, they came up blank. Looking for a table that would be both sturdy and comfortable, with a rustic feel that would complement their home's aesthetic.
After discussing their needs and preferences, we decided that Scandinavian redwood would be the ideal wood for their table. It is known for its durability and affordability, making it a popular choice for farmhouse-style furniture. It also has a warm, natural beauty that would be perfect for the family's home.
We got to work selecting the perfect boards for the table's top, carefully choosing pieces with just the right amount of knots and grain patterns to create the desired rustic look. We then constructed a sturdy, classic farmhouse-style base to support the top, ensuring that the table would be stable and long-lasting.
As we worked on the table, we paid close attention to the details, adding subtle touches to enhance the rustic feel. We added an inverse bevel the edges of the tabletop to give it a modern twist, and added some slight imperfections to the finish to further enhance the character of the piece.

When we delivered the table, they were overjoyed with the result. The warm, natural beauty of the top was the perfect complement to their home's farmhouse aesthetic, and they were thrilled with how sturdy and comfortable the table was. They could already envision many happy family meals gathered around the table for years to come.

They were so happy that they immediately asked for a matching dining bench, we must say that together we think they look perfect.
Overall, creating this farmhouse dining table commission was an incredible experience, of the longest projects we have worked on. We loved working with the family to bring their vision to life, and we're proud of the result. We hope that this table will be a cherished part of their home and a gathering place for many happy memories.
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